Southwest Deal! Earn 2 months of companion pass – Act Fast!

What is the deal?

  • Register & book a qualifying* flight by Thursday 9/24/2020 (*one-way or round trip booking)
  • Travel by November 15, 2020
  • Earn companion pass for January 6, 2021 – February 28, 2021

–> Link to REGISTER 

Companion Pass?

In short, the Southwest Companion Pass is a status that allows you to buy one, get one free ticket – unlimited times. For example, when I purchase a ticket or redeem points for a flight, my wife can fly with me for free (+ $5.60 taxes).  In 2019, I received the companion pass through the Southwest Chase credit card promo and we flew A LOT!  It easily saved us over $1,000 in airline tickets.

Should I register for this deal?

My suggestion is this: If you have plans to fly in the first two months of 2021 and Southwest Airlines is an option for you to that destination, then this is a deal worth considering.  With the pandemic altering travel plans and limiting the amount of time in advance we are booking our flights, it is reassuring to know that Southwest has No Change or No cancellation fees.  

Personally, we have no plans to travel between now and November 15th or in January or February 2021 so I am undecided if I will register & book new travel for this.

At first glance, here is how I value this deal:

  • Cheapest cost of round-trip ticket from DCA between now and 11/15 = $90 (DCA to PVD)
  • Potential trips in Jan/Feb 2021 cost? ~$150-200 per person
  • We could take a long weekend to FL for some warmth. DCA to TPA =$178

No companion pass = $178+178 = $356

With companion pass = $178+90 (add’tl cost to receive pass) + 5.60 taxes = $273.60

Example SAVINGS = $82.40

Final Thoughts

If you know you have a trip between now and November, this is a no brainer to register & fly Southwest because there is no additional cost to earn the CP.  If you will take an unplanned trip to earn the CP, make sure it is low enough cost for you to get value out of it next year (Jan & Feb).  

This deal has serious potential to save you some $$$.  

I will consider it over the next two days (register & book by Thursday!) to see if makes sense for the Werblowing travel plans & budget.

Southwest in the sky
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